Begin and Grow

2019 is already a year for making brave leaps.

This week I launched my Facebook business page, submitted some work to two of my favorite magazine publications, entered another photo contest, and then went ALL IN with the yearly Shoot and Share photography competition, entering all 50 photo entries! This was my first year joining in on all the fun, and I’m excited to share in the voting and get inspired by the thousands of other artists out there!

There was a time where the thought of putting my work out there and taking some chances would’ve scared me enough to hold back. I was so afraid of rejection, of feeling ashamed of what I put my heart into and felt represented myself. And I still have those moments of fear.

But lately, I’m seeing more and more how life is too short to keep allowing insecurity call the shots, and how my waiting for my own “perfection” before starting anything worthwhile will only get in the way of real growth and progress.

I honestly would be blown away and so grateful if I get any business, if any of my submissions were accepted, if any of my photos made the top 10 anywhere. But what’s the worst that could happen — silence? a “no, not this time”? That’s all it is. Why should the fear of silence or a a simple no be allowed to stunt my growth, to shrivel the joy I get from creating, and the pleasure I have in making others happy with my heart-felt work of and for them? It shouldn't. It should help me develop a tougher skin, and spur me on to keep at it — keep creating, keep learning, and enjoy the whole process of cultivating, nurturing, and growing in what matters to me.

So here’s to taking those chances, to not always taking myself so seriously, to more “you never know” opportunities. To just begin and grow, right from where I am.